Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

Volume 2, Number 3
May-June, 1953

Front Matter



Disease of bees
R S. Coleman


The wallaby menace in the Kimberleys
C D. Gooding and L A. Harrison


Plant disease - early blight or target spot of potatoes
W P. Cass Smith, M Hardie, and B N. Lowe


Plant disease - black spot (anthracnose) of grapes
W P. Cass Smith, H L. Harvey, and W R. Jamieson


Swill-feeding of pigs
J F. Robinson


Economy in the kitchen
Helen M. Gloster


Identical twins
I C. Miller

Editor: J.A. Mallett

Cover: "A flock of white cockatoos photographed in flight over the King River, East Kimberley. The water from this river is pumped about 20 miles to supply the township of Wyndham and the Meatworks which serve as an outlet for about 30,000 cattle each year."


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