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The trials can be put into three groups: 1. Plus and minus ripping by species by bag nitrogen. This trial had a number of different species grown in 1982 and half of the trial was ripped in 1983 and the whole site sown to wheat with different rates of nitrogen applied to the subplots. Part of the information on the trial is contained in Bill Bowden's 1983 summary. 2. Species and management trials, namely 82LG5, 82Nl7, 82N041 and 82N03. 3. These trials had a number of different species grown in 1982 to which a number of management factors were applied including ploughing in at flowering, spraying out at flowering and plus and, minus tops at flowering and at the end of the season. In 1983 these plots were all put into wheat with some small cross-strips of bag nitrogen rates at the end also added on. Two rotation trials 81C4 and 81N9 which had a combination of rates of clover sown in different years, by fertiliser nitrogen rates and different crop sequences. These trials were not very successful partly because the design did not really meet the objectives and partly because the sites chosen had a fairly high nitrogen status to start with and we were therefore looking at a nitrogen rundown situation for effects rather than a nitrogen build-up situation. Trials: 81C4 (related trials: 81N9). 82LG5 (related trials: 82NO41, 82N03, 82Nl7). 81N9 (related trials: 81C4). 82N17 (related trials: 82NO41, 82NO3, 82LG5). 82NO3 (related trials: 82N17, 82NO41, 82LG5). 82NO41 (related trials: 82LG5, 82NO3, 82N17). 82WH35.

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