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Grains and field crops


Bromegrass. Wheat loss caused by bromegrass - 80WH47. Herbicides for bromegrass control - 80WH48. Bromegrass control - spraytop - 79NO41. Control of bromegrass – spraytop - 79BA59. Brome and barley grass control - 80NA62. Wild oats. Wild oat control - comparison of commercial treatments – 80NO44. Wild oat control - minimum tillage system - high challenge SITE - 80NO45. Ryegrass. Ryegrass control. Hoegrass effect of rates x volumes x times of application - 80SG41. Barley grass. Barley grass control in wheat - 80SG40. Pasture manipulation. Pasture manipulation - grass reduction - 79A31. Pasture manipulation - rates of herbicide - 80AB3. 80NA53. Herbicides for grass control in pasture, rates and times - 80A37,80BA39. Grass control herbicide in pastures - 80NA51. Herbicide for grass control in pastures - 80M036. Atrazine in cereals. Atrazine mixtures for cereals - 80M044. Minimum tillage herbicides. Herbicide requirement for minimum tillage systems - 80A38. Minimum tillage herbicides - 80BA41. Post planting - pre-emergent. Herbicides for minimum tillage systems - 80A41. Minimum tillage herbicides - knockdown - 80BA40. Herbicides for minimum tillage - pre-plant - 80A40. Herbicides for minimum tillage. pre-plant, with some knockdown - 80N23. Herbicides for minimum tillage - 80WH46.

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