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High water use vegetation systems for salinity control were trialed on a 250 ha catchment located three km north-west of Dinninup, Western Australia. The catchment receives about 620 mm annual rainfall and 1500 mm annual evaporation. The catchment is characterised by slopes with gradients in excess of 5%, deep weathering (15-25 m to bedrock), active seepage in the valley (piezometric heads 204 m above ground surface) and high recharge (water table fluctuations of 1-4 m).


Soil salinity, South west region (WA), Phalaris aquatica, Trees, Water use efficiency, Revegetation, Eucalyptus globulus, Thinopyrum, Salinity, Groundwater, Festuca arundinacea, Western Australia, Dactylis glomerata, White Catchment (WA), Beattys' Catchment (WA), Dinninup region (WA), Watershed management, Water use, Watersheds


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