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High water use vegetation systems for salinity control were trialed on a 90 ha catchment located 12 km north north-west of Darkan, Western Australia. The catchment receives about 560 mm annual rainfall and 1895 mm annual evaporation. The catchment is characterised by a number of actively expanding seeps which are developing under the strong geological control of quartz and dolerite dykes. Development of salinity is also influenced by high recharge rates in the free draining gravel soils of the upper slope.


Western Australia, Watersheds, Revegetation, Eucalyptus globulus, Souths' Catchment (WA), Trees, Water use efficiency, Water use, Watershed management, Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation (Australia), Groundwater, Salinity, Pastures, South west region (WA), Darkan region (WA), Soil salinity


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