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The Department of Agriculture's mission is "To maintain and improve the productivity, profitability and market competitiveness of the rural sector of Western Australia, consistent with conservation of the State's natural resources". To achieve that, the DAWA conducts extensive research, extension, and regulatory programs, and reviews ways it might provide information more effectively and efficiently to its clients, including consultants and farmers

Developments in the computing, communication, and education industries are providing opportunities such as video text, free text retrieval, image and document management systems, electronic help lines. bulletin boards, and networks. The situation is continuing to develop rapidly and the DAWA aims to package information in more focused ways and to provide alternative avenues for access

On a technical side, the development of common interest networks such as Telecom's Discovery, AARNET, Oz-E-Mail and Pegasus has been rapid. This has allowed the establishment and decentralisation of public bulletin boards providing announcements and current information, and access to database forums with questions and answers. In addition, the technology of in-house CD­ ROM preparation and transferring copious amounts of information to remote locations electronically, or via commercial television networks such as Golden West Network broadcasters, is developing rapidly.

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