Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

Volume 16, Number 2

Front Matter


Department of Agriculture, Western Australia



Decide : how much superphosphate
G A. Robertson, J. W. Bowden, and N. J. Halse


Carnarvon studies on cucurbit viruses
George McLean, A. N. Sproul, and J. R. Burt


Good potential for pangola grass
R Sprivulis and J. A. Giumelli

Issue cover

Editor: E H Lawson

Design: K J Mack

Cover: A new symbol for the Department of Agriculture. Any organisation has much to gain from an easy-recognised symbol which helps identification of its publications, letterheads, vehicles, machinery and so on. Components of the simple "a" symbol adopted by the Department of Agriculture can be seen as plough furrows, contour banks, horticultural crop rows and other things associated with agricultural industries. We hope the distinctive "a" symbol will soon be synonymus with the name "Department of Agriculture". It was design by the Department's graphic designer Kevin Mack.


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