Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

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Some recent radio talks.


Weaners, Weed control, Strawberries.

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Wastage in weaners - By L. C. SNOOK, D.Sc, Animal Nutrition Officer

Ever since I can remember, the breeders of Merino sheep have been plagued with what is known as the "weaner problem." During the dry summer months, unthriftiness becomes apparent, the affected animals lose condition, and unless green feed becomes available a number will die. The losses on any one property are rarely devastating but over the years the collective wastage of young sheep has been, in some cases, considerable. A puzzling feature is that weaners will be lost on pasture which appears to be adequate for the grown sheep. Also the unthriftiness is often restricted to 10% or so of the weaners in any one flock. It is not uncommon to hear sheep men complain that while the bulk of their young sheep are thriving, there is a "tail" which "looks dreadful."

The importance of weed control in the vegetable garden - By W. KOOYMAN, Vegetable Instructor

I suppose every vegetable grower realises that to obtain satisfactory yields of high quality produce, control of weeds is of considerable importance. There are many reasons why weed control is important, however, as each crop has special problems and characteristics, time would be too short to give a detailed account of all aspects. An endeavour will be made in this talk to touch on some of the more important aspects of weed control.

Strawberry growing - By J. CRIPPS, Horticultural Adviser

Strawberries are not grown on a large scale commercially in this State, but many private growers cultivate them and indeed they are an ideal backyard fruit crop since they can be grown in a small area and are not subject to attacks by fruit fly.