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This report has been prepared for the consideration of the RLIAC Sub Committee in consultation with members of the Sub Committee working group on law enforcement and with senior staff of the Operations Division of the Fisheries Department. It is focussed exclusively on law enforcement issues associated with the management options for the West Australian west coast rock lobster fishery which were under consideration by the Sub Committee at the time of report preparation and should be read in conjunction with Fisheries Management Paper No. 67 entitled "Evaluation of management options" which covers the broader industry management issues. This report indicates that current enforcement costs at around one per cent of the landed value of the rock lobster catch are relatively low while the level of compliance with existing regulations is high. It provides an understanding of the extent of law enforcement cost increases likely to result from the introduction of alternative management strategies under consideration but as the impact of these strategies on law enforcement resource requirements will vary dependent upon the application of some, ie, the length of any fishing season increase, and upon the possible mix of various strategies, more precise cost estimates will be required when future industry management arrangements are finalised.

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