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Fisheries Western Australia




The Lancelin Island Lagoon is a small area of reef habitat on the western side of Lancelin Island and a popular snorkelling and diving destination. Water depth ranges from less than 0.3 m on the intertidal reefs to less than 3 m on the sand or seagrass-covered bottom. The area has a diverse array of benthic marine habitat. During a marine survey of the area, over 200 flora and fauna species were positively identified, with many more remaining unidentified due to the diversity of species supported in this marine environment. The survey, which was facilitated by direct observations and photographs, also identified 13 large corals that are a feature of the lagoon's environment. Lancelin Island Lagoon is accessible to divers and swimmers only during low swell, as a strong current develops from wave energy converging over the outside reefs. The peak use period of the lagoon coincides with low summer/autumn swells, making it a popular destination for holidaymakers. The deeper areas of the lagoon are currently accessible by boat, but a conflict of use exists between boats, divers and swimmers, due to the lagoon's small area. Extensive fishing and spearfishing has resulted in the local extinction of many larger edible species, with smaller fish now being targeted. The purpose of the Lancelin Island lagoon FHPA is to be established are: i) the conservation and protection of fish, fish breeding areas, fish fossils or the aquatic ecosystem; ii) the management of fish and activities relating to the appreciation or observation of fish.

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Marine parks, Habitat, Western Australia, Lancelin - Western Australia, Lancelin Island fish habitat protection area.


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