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Contents : Environment / revised by J. Cramb, J. Courtney and P. Tille - The structure and development of the cereal plant / revised by T.L. Setter and G. Carlton - Germination, vegetative and reproductive growth / revised by T.L. Setter and G. Carlton - Crop water use / D. Tennant - Nutrition / revised by M.D.A. Bolland, R.F. Brennan, J.W. Bowden, M.G. Mason, N.K. Edwards, M.M. Riley and S.W. Gartrell - Wheat in farming systems / revised by B. Bowden, P. Blackwell, P. Carmody, M. Ewing, R. Kingwell, R. L ghman, I. McFarlane, P. Michael, P. Nelson, I. Pritchard, C. Revell, G. Reithmuller, K.H.M. Siddique, M. Sweetingham - Crop management / revised by W.K. Anderson, E.C. Hoyle, L. Armstrong and B.J. Shackley - Wheat quality and the uses of Western Austral n wheat / G.B. Crosbie and W.J. Lambe - Tillage / revised by R.J. Jarvis, P. Blackwell, D. Carter, R. Hetherington, P.A. Findlater, G.P. Reithmuller, W. Crabtree, D. Patabendige, M. Collins, J. Holmes, R. Brennan, A. Diggle and D. Minkey - Diseases / re This bulletin provides detailed information on the agricultural production of wheat in Western Australia, focusing on the south west region.

Tables, figures. "Funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation" -- t.p. verso. First edition published in 1991 titled : The wheat book : a technical manual for wheat producers. Replaces Bulletin 4196. Includes bibliographical references.

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Plant physiology, Varieties, Plant nutrition, Water requirements, Cultural methods, Insect pests, Tillage, Wheat, Marketing, Weed control, Plant diseases, Cropping systems, Western Australia.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Agricultural Science | Agriculture | Agronomy and Crop Sciences | Horticulture | Plant Biology | Plant Breeding and Genetics | Water Resource Management

The Wheat book : principles and practice

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