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While Cheddar cheese is by far the main type as far as English speaking countries are concerned, it is only one of a large number of varieties of cheese which are becoming more universal in production and consumption. In other than English speaking countries Cheddar cheese is almost unknown and yet the consumption of cheese in some of these countries is very much greater. The naming of cheese types has usually been a result of the use of the name of the place where the cheese was first made. Thus cheeses of similar type but produced in a different locality or country, were given different names. While small differences may occur between cheese produced in different localities these differences are not sufficient to warrant the naming of the cheese as distinct types. For example, Cheddar cheeses produced in different localities sometimes have slight differences which an experienced cheese grader can readily detect but all cheese would still be regarded as Cheddar type. With a very large number of named cheeses to consider it is necessary to find some basis for dividing the cheese into groups and thus a study of the group will cover the main features of the many named cheeses which might be included in that group.

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