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The area of chickpea production in Australia has expanded rapidly in recent years especially in south-western Australia. This has been partly brought about by the keen interest of farmers and a concerted research effort and industry development by Agriculture Western Australia, The Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA) and other institutions, in partnership with the Grains Research and Development Corporation and other industry funding bodies. Private consultants, grain traders and other industry groups have also contributed to the expansion of the industry.

Much of the local knowledge generated by these research and development projects has been published in various experimental summaries, Tech notes, Farm notes, magazine articles, 'On the Pulse' newsletters, conference and workshop proceedings, and scientific papers. This book collates much of this research and development in the one document, together with experience and knowledge from the eastern states and overseas. It is a comprehensive publication, much more than simply how to grow the crop in Western Australia. It describes much of the scientific data behind our recommendations and highlights the role of chickpea production in maximising whole farm profits.

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Crop production, Agronomy, Disease control, Storage, Plant diseases, Varieties, Western Australia, Weed control, Australia, Plant nutrition, Plant physiology, Insect control, Markets, Chickpeas, Insect pests, Sowing, Harvesting.


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The chickpea book : a technical guide to chickpea production

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