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This book for 2001 again summarises the work being carried out by staff of The Integrated Soil Acidity Research, Development and Extension projects in Western Australia. These projects are based at Agriculture Western Australia, The University of Western Australia and CSIRO.

Several articles in this book are an indication that the current round of funding for this work is drawing to a close in June 2002. The articles reflect our increasing understanding of not only the effects of soil acidity but also the time required for current practices of surface applied lime to ameliorate acidity in both the surface and subsurface.

The seasonal conditions of 1999 and 2000 were particularly difficult for some growers and put pressure on cash flow and the ability of some to address medium to long term investments such as managing soil acidity through the application of liming materials. It was therefore very pleasing to us that although the amount of lime applied in 1999/2000 was down from the record of 650,000 tonnes in 1998/1999 to about 576,000 tonnes the number of growers using lime actually increased slightly.

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Fertilizers, Trace elements, Soil pH, Acid soils, Soil acidity, Soil management, Legumes, Acidification, Lupins, Leaching, Liming, Rotations, Cereals, Soil types, Western Australia


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Western Australia soil acidity research and development update 2001 : time to lime