The Perillup soil survey. 1. Soil survey in the Perillup District. 2. Comparison of some Perillup soils with some Mt Barker orchard soils

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A soil survey was made of an area of 3,600 acres in the Perillup district, 20 miles west of Mt. Barker, in order to assess the suitability of the soils for fruit growing. The soil types were descirbed and mapped, and chemical analyses performed on representative samples. Nutrient levels were low in most soils. Soil samples from commercially productive orchards in an adjacent area (Mt. Barker) were also collected and analysed and shown to be similar to the soils in the survey area.


Soil surveys, Land capability, Western Australia, Fruit, Perillup region (WA), Land development


Withdrawn from circulation July 1998


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