2019 Soil Science Australia WA Branch Conference

Soil Science Australia holds a national conference every two years and provides a range of awards and support associated with the national conference.This year 2019 was hosted by Soil Science Australia WA branch.


Thank you to the generous sponsorship from the following organisations:

  • The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
  • The University of Western Australia
  • Soils West
  • Soil CRC

And in-kind support from:

  • Richgrow
  • Pauline Gazey from Science with Style

Organising Committee, Soil Science Australia WA Branch

Tim Overheu, Conference Chair and Vice President
Henry Smolinski, President
Chris Gazey, Past President
Isaac Kelder, Secretary
Louise Barton, Treasurer
Bede Mickan, Industry representative
Richard Bell, Committee member
Deborah Prichard, Committee member
Miaomiao Cheng, Student representative
Lucy Commander, Conference Manager

Conference Programme PDF

Browse the contents of 2019 Soil Science Australia WA Branch Conference:

Wednesday 4 December 2019
Conference Field Trip
Thursday 5 December 2019
UWA Business School
Friday 6 December 2019
UWA Business School