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Small plot trials sited at Merredin, Bencubbin and Bungil again demonstrated the 'bred' varieties to be at least the equal of Geraldton or Northam A under wheatbelt conditions. Growing season conditions at Bencubbin were the best for pasture in recent years. Merredin and Bungil also received above average rainfall but encountered dry conditions in September. Predictably the coarse siliceous nature of the Wodgil soil at Bungil in conjunction with the dry period produced very low seed yields. Crossbred 175.1.3 the leading crossbred at Merredin in 1973, was again significantly better than Geraldton or Northam A at Merredin and Bungil (Table 1). The earliest of the available crossbreds, 175.1.3 has also been superior in hard seed content to Geraldton having an average of 22% more impermeable seeds on test sites at Wongan, Geraldton and Merredin in 1972-74. Other selections have higher hard seed content eg: 239.2, 584.1, 46.2 and though lower seed yield than 175.1.3 are worthy of further evaluation and possible seed increase.

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