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Grains and field crops


L.T. Jones, Vines and vegetables. J.E.L. Cripps, Fruit tree management. R.N. Glencross, Nutrition of pastures and cereals in higher rainfall areas. M.D. Carroll, Fertility changes mineral deficiencies. D.L. Chatel, Soil Microbiology. C.M. Francis, Agronomy and adaptation of lupins. A.E. Oakley, Radioisotopes studies. J.W. Gartrell, Trace element nutrition of cereals and pastures. M.G. Mason, Nitrogen nutrition of cereals. D.A. Nicholas, Evaluation of perennial and annual pasture cultivars in higher rainfall areas. M.L. Poole, Agronomy of crops in high rainfall areas, oilseed and other new crops. D. Tennant, Soil-plant water relations and root growth of cereals. G.H. Walton Evaluation of pasture cultivars in the lower rainfall areas. A.C. Devitt, Ecology of subterranean clover strains; Evaluation of annual legumes. T.O. Albertsen, Phosphorus and sulphur nutrition of crops and pastures. I.C. Rowland, crop rotations for the wheatbelt. R.N. Weir, Phytotron and glasshouse management, wheat physiology.

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Agronomy and Crop Sciences | Soil Science