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(i) use available climatic data to determine when breaks are likely to occur, and assess the risk of crop failure from 'false breaks'.

(ii) determine optimum methods of early crop establishment on a number of soil types, particularly massive earth soils.

(iii) determine the yield advantages of early planting of cereals, and sowing date * variety interactions. (iv) increase adoption of early sowing technology throughout the north-eastern wheatbelt.

Trial 90GE7, 90GE8, 90NM1 and 90GE10

Time of sowing * variety trials.

Location: Balla, North Mullewa and Morawa.

All of the trials the following design: 3 sowing dates (mid May, late May, mid June) 12 varieties (Aroona, Bodallin, Eradu, Gutha, Halberd, Kuhn, Millewa, Reeves, Spear, Wilgoyne, 79W781, 79W804) nitrogen C 40 kg/ha urea topdressed at seeding) A seeding rate of 50 kg/ha was used and trials were sown with 80 kg/ha DAP.

Trials 90GE11, 90GE12, 90GE114 and 90NM2

Crop establishment trials.

Location: Morawa, North Mullewa

These trials used farmer machinery and had the following general design: 2 times of sowing 2-4 varieties (Spear, Reeves, Eradu, Gutha) 5-7 establishment treatments Fertilizer applications were as recommended, and herbicide sprays were as required. Only trials 90GE12 (Morawa - red sandy loam) and 90NMI (North Mullewa - red sandy clay loam) are reported here. Growing season rainfall for Morawa 237 mm was and Mullewa 144 mm.

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