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Grains and field crops


Comments on Results - New Land sites (Graphs 1, 2) - The three sites were very responsive with the point of inflexion about 600 kg/ha super rate (similar to 1972 result). The seed x super rate interaction shows the quicker response to super with higher seeding rates. Low Super Bank (800 kg/ha) (GRAPH 3) - The two sites showed very little response to super applied. On the Eradu sandplain no response to super for either Unicrop or Wheat. On the Watheroo yellow sandplain (73M015) the two lupin cultivers and the wheat gave different responses. High Super Bank (>1 OOOkg/ha) (GRAPH 4) - Two out of four soils. gave significant yield responses to super rates. Compared with the 1972 results the Unicrop, Uniharvest and wheat responses in 1973 are very close. However, the Unicrop again showed the faster responses to super. At the other two sites the lupins and wheat gave little response to applied super. 73AL14, 73BR15, 73ES10, 73ES11, 73GE5, 73GE6, 73MO14, 73MO15, 73M036, 73TS1, 73TS2, 73TS3, 73TS4,

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