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Grains and field crops


Trials: 90GE113, 90MO62, 90WH87, 90ME72, 90NO115, 90A24, 90AB17, 90AL35

Locations: Geraldton, New Norcia, Wongan Hills, Merredin, Southern Brook, Avondale, Katanning, Tenderden.

The selection SEP29.1 was outstanding for both dry matter production and seed yield over a wide range of sites varying in both rainfall and soil type. On the basis of these trials, six lines have been selected for further evaluation in 1991.

They are: SEP29.1 SEP26.2.7 GRC69 GRC87.1 87F01.28 87FB2.36

Trials 90A25 and 90NO116

Redlegged earthmite field experiments.

Very low levels of redlegged earthmite and only minor damage to test varieties was recorded in this trial. Damage ratings were recorded at 3, 4 and 5 weeks after sowing and plant yields at 3, 5 and 7 weeks, but the trial was then abandoned due to minimal responses.

90NO116 - This trial was abandoned soon after sowing due to massive germination of contaminant clover present in the paddock and negligible levels of redlegged earthmite.

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