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A total of 53 pasture trials were topdressed. Of these, 37 trials were quantitatively assessed at different times during the growing season. Of the 15 wheat trials sown, only four trials gave useful results because of multiple drilling techniques used on most trials. Until the trial results have undergone comprehensive statistical analysis, no conclusions can be drawn. about the levels of response or "optimum" rates of superphosphate application at individual sites. However, because of the very short growing season in 1972 responses were generally poor. It appears that nil superphosphate application would have been optimum for animal production in the 1972 season at most sites. The following tables of results are attached: I. Location of Trials. II. Site Characteristics. III. Management and Assessment. IV. Yield data and Analysis of Variance - Pasture Trials. Experiment no - 72BA32, 72BA33, 72GE46*, 72GE47*, 72GE48*, 72GE49*, 72ME23*, 72ME24*, 72ME25*, 72ME26*, 72ME27*, 72ME28*, 72ME29*, 72ME30*, 72M032, 72M033, 72M034, 72M035, 72M036, 72M037, 72M038, 72M039, 72M040, 72M041, 72M042, 72M043, 72M044, 72M045, 72M046, 72M047*, 72M048*, 72M049*, 72M050*, 72M051*, 72M052*, 72M053*, 72NA35, 72NA36, 72NA37, 72NA38, 72NA39, 72NA40, 72NA41, 72NA42, 72NA43, 72N035, 72N036, 72N037, 72N038, 72N039, 72N040, 72N041, 72N042, 72N043, 72N044, 72N045, 72N046, 72N047*, 72N048*, 72N049*, 72N050*, 72N051*, 72N052*, 72N053*, 72N054*, 72N055*, 72N056*, 72NO57*. *With Agribusiness Councillors

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