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Grains and field crops


Trial 88MO41, 88WH40 (2CE), 88WH40 (4W), 89NO77, 89MO47, 89MO47, 89MO49, 89BA33 (1), 89BA33 (2), 89WH70 (1), 89WH70 (2)

Locations: Wannamal, WHRS, Grass Valley, Regan's Ford, Badg. New Block 3CE

In order to test tactical and other fertilizer decision making methods (Table 1), we carried out three trials in 1988 and a further seven trials in 1989 (Table 2).

To date this programme has provided a lot of information which can be used to test and validate current (and future) methods of predicting yield potential and nitrogen status of a crop as the season progresses. However, our inability to predict end of season growing conditions (moisture availability and disease) makes yield potential prediction and updates difficult. Site variability and the insensitivity of profits to level of fertilizer input has made it difficult to discriminate between methods of predicting fertilizer requirements. This project has one season to run. It will be interesting to see if we have made any progress in our methodology in 1990. However he signs do not look good!.

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