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This is a progress report in summary form outlining results obtained from trials studying clover replacement and evaluating Midland B, Dinninup 3, some members of Trifolium subterraneum subspecies yanninicum, Tornafield medic and Cyfield medic. Some comments are also included on two glasshouse experiments. In most cases complete results have been or will be circulated in report form. Eight trials examining techniques of subterranean clover replacement were continued in 1969, one other (Avondale Research Station) was discontinued due to the atypical nature of the site. 'I'wo trials, one at Narrogin (68NA12) and one at Katanning (68KA6) were commenced in 1969. Weather conditions prevented them being started in 1968. Both were sited on established Dwalganup sub clover pastures which yielded 1124.7 lbs of clover seed and 981.0 lbs of clover seed/acre respectively when sampled on March 17, 1969. Both trials were sown as scheduled. Unfortunately the unfavourable season affected the growth of pasture and crop at both sites. A plague of red legged earth mite at Katanning is blamed for removing all of the few clover plants that germinated. The crop plots grew poorly (very uneven) and were damaged ·by sheep due to the fences being placed too close to the trial. These factors led to the immediate termination of the trial. At Narrog.n the nine first-year crop plots averaged 23 bushels of Gamenya wheat per acre.The pasture plots will be sampled in autumn 1970 for clover seed yield. This trial will be continued as scheduled. The second year of similar trials were continued at Three Springs (68TS11) Wongan Hills Research Station (68WH6) and Gingin (68M06). All trials were sampled in autumn for clover seed yields.

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Western Australia, Clover, Trifolium subterraneum.


Agronomy and Crop Sciences