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Grains and field crops


Time of planting effect and rate of seeding effect. Field Pea Agronomy 1972 Effeot of time of planting The 1972 season started late (end of May) and with a dry September forced the plants to an early maturity. Delaying seeding from May until July did not have much effect on grain yields. The best yields were produced with seeding done on the 30th June. Earlier sown treatments had greater weed competition. The varieties White Brunswick and Derrimut were early enough to produce higher yields with July time of planting. At Kulikup, where reproductive observations were made, delaying the planting from May until June reduced the vegetative stage in each variety. However delaying seeding from June until July allowed the vegetative stage of each variety to increase. When seeding late-July, the varieties were probably unable to accumulate sufficient low temperatures 72A7, 72A8, 72BR14, 72M4, 72MT32, 72MT33,

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