G H. Walton

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Grains and field crops


New land sites, Old land sites

At five out of the seven sites, there was a decline in plant

numbers per metre drill row with increasing super rates. At

one site (72TS9), the fall in density fitted a linear equation

of 1 plant/metre reduction with an increase of 450 kg super/ha.

This pattern could be the result of high fertilizer concentration

in the location of the seed and rhizobia, with drilling high rates

of superphosphate. The only two sites not to show this reduction

in plant numbers (72AL9 and 72GE10) had the two highest rates of

super treatments omitted.

The higher seeding rates to be used in the 1973 trials should

overcome any influence of reduced lupin density on yield. 72AL9, 72BR11, 72ES7, 72ES8, 72GE9, 72GE10, 72NA9, 72TS9,

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