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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases, Grains and field crops


Experiments were set up to screen a range of herbicides which might give improved control of Anguina agrostis over the currently recommended paraquat. Two experiments examined Roundup, Fusilade and Sertin at two rates and two experiments screened eight herbicides at five rates from two x "label recommendation" to 0. 99 x Standard treatment was paraquat at 550 ml. Plots were 3 m x 30 m in the first two experiments and 3 x 5 m (per dilution) in the second. The herbicides were applied on 4/9, 17/9, 24/9, 1/10 and 9/10 (Zadoks stages 32 - 58). There were three replications with 54 nil control plots. Efficacy was measured as galls/m 2 recovered at maturity. Table 1 and Table 2 show the results from two sites, Dumbleyung and Corrigin respectively. No analysis has yet been undertaken and variability is extreme. Unless some form of covariance analysis using nil plots can be undertaken, no useful information can be obtained. Table 3 shows results from a single replication of a trial comparing nine herbicides applied by log dilution sprayer. Only two rates have been processed so far: the highest and lowest.

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