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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases, Grains and field crops


Emergence of weed seedlings from different soil depths. 82MT49, Mt Barker Research Station. 83MT4, Mt Barker Research Station. 82NR12, Northam Research Station. 83NR2, Northam Research Station. 82C37, Chapman Research Station. 83C3, Chapman Research Station. Longevity of buried weed seeds. 82MT50, Mt Barker Research Station. 83MT5, Mt Barker Research Station. 82NR13, Northam Research Station. 83NR3, Northam Research Station. 82C38, Chapman Research Station. 83C4, Chapman Research Station. Emergence of weed seedlings in relation to soil type and cultivation. 82PE32, South Perth. Emergence and fate of weed seeds in different depths of cultivated and undisturbed compacted soil. 84C49, Chapman Research Station. 84MT62, Mt Barker Research Station. Fate of surface-lying seeds of brome grass on undisturbed and cultivated soils. 84C50, Chapman research station. 84MT63, Mt Barker Research Station. Dormancy changes of buried and unburied weed seeds over the summer months. 85C93, Chapman research station. 85MT59, Mt Barker research station. Preplanting operations to stimulate doublegee emergence. 85C89, Chapman research station. Post-planting operations to stimulate doublegee emergence. 85C90, Chapman research station. Radish control in lupins. 85N078, Meckering private farm. Changes in the number of viable dock seeds in soil under different soil surf ace treatments. 83V2, Vasse research station and Albany private farm. Persistence and depletion of fiddle dock seed population in the soil. 84V9, Vasse research station. 84MT64, Mt Barker Research Station. Caltrop seed ecology. 85NA65, Narrogin Agricultural College.

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Western Australia.