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Grains and field crops


In a further experiment on fungicides to protect wheat during flowering and grain fill from Septoria nodorurn at Badgingarra Research Station, rates below 1 litre and lower carrier volumes were compared for the fungicide Tilt applied at Zadoks stage 50. A few other fungicides were also included. At spraying there was a moderate infection by Septoria nodorurn (85% of leaf damage), Septoria tritici (10%) and Pyrenophora tritici-repentis (5%). Good control was obtained with most treatments (Table 1) with only Benlate at 1 kg/ha appearing ineffective when percentage disease was rated on October 10, 1985. At October 17 disease scores differed little. There were no effects on yield or grain weight - a rare situation at Badgingarra where yield reduction has been associated with the Septoria diseases for many years - 85BA50.

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