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Grains and field crops


Lupin Agronomy - varieties x environment - Wongan Hills R.S., Badgingarra R.S., Newdegate R.S., Mt Barker R.S. Lupin Agronomy - morphology x split seed – Mr J. wood, “Karakin”, Lancelin. Lupin Agronomy - Erregulla regeneration and rotation – Lancelin, Moora, Watheroo. Grain legume species comparison – 84ES1, 84LG38, 84MO10, 84ES1. Field pea evaluation – varieties. Aim: To compare the biological and seed yield adaptation to environment between morphological types of field pea. Field pea agronomy – 84KA18, 84LG25, 84ME42, 84MO33, 84MO34, 84N16, 84SG20, 84SG28. Sowing time x seed rate. Pea and wheat response to applied P – 84LG24, 84ME43, 84NO46, 84SG19, 84SG29. Pea response to manganese fertilizer – B. Schilling, West Dale. Pea variety x black spot disease – Aims: 1. To compare the development of Black Spot disease and the seed yields of several field pea lines some of which offer the promise of protection against disease. To quantify the level of yield decline with severe disease attack. Fababean agronomy – 84MN20, Manjimup Research Station. Fababean nodulation – 84MT23, Mt Barker Research Station. Variety and morphology – 84MN19, Manjimup Research Station, 84PE15, South Perth plots. Mixtures of barley, lupin and field pea – 84AL37, Waldron, Tunney.

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