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The 1984 experimental programme was a continuation of that started in 1981. The programme was aimed at evaluating the major herbicides in current use for cereals as well as new herbicides against the recommended varieties at three main sites, these being Wongan Hills, Merredin and Mt Barker. In addition Stage 4 breeding lines were evaluated against the same herbicides but only at Wongan Hills. The herbicides used and their rates and time of application are presented in Table 1. Herbicides were applied at both the recommended and twice the recommended rates of application, except in the breeding line trial where only twice the recommended rate was used. Smaller experiments using only 3 wheat and 2 barley varieties were conducted at Geraldton (84GE52) and Avondale. The Geraldton and Avondale experiments indicated good tolerance to the herbicides used at the recommended rates with the exception of Glean on barley (applied prior to seeding rather than at the Z12-13 stage) at both sites. The work on herbicide tolerance of cereals in 1985 will look in more detail at the effects of environment on herbicide response with particular emphasis on the effects of low nutrient status of the crop and waterlogging, at upgrading the evaluation of Stage 4 breeding lines, and at the evaluation of new herbicides which promise selective grass control within the cereal crop.

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