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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases, Grains and field crops


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Scald: Effect of time of application - 83BA10, 83MT9.

Scald: Effect of rate of fungicide – 83BA11.

Scald: Comparing fungicides – 83BA42.

Scald: Effect of seeding rate – 83BA12, 83MT10.

Scald: Response to fungicide in farmer's field – 83AL18, 83AL81, 83AL82.

Scald: Variation in pathogenicity – 83AB11, 83BA13, 83MT11, 83WH7.

Scald: Cultivar x fungicide in farmer's field – 83LG63.

Net Blotch: Potential yield losses – 83A15, 83BA15, 83WH6.

Net Blotch: Screening new fungicides – 83BA43.

Spot-type net blotch: Potential yield losses – 83C5.

Spot-type net blotch: Sources of resistance - Chapman Research Station, Nabawa.

Powdery mildew fungicide x growth regulator – 83E5.

Powdery mildew Cultivar x fungicide x nitrogen – 83E6.

Powdery mildew Response to fungicide in farmer's crops (Esperance) – 83ES4, 83ES5, 83ES50, 83ES51, 83ES52, 83ES53. Note that ES52 was abandoned and only disease data are available from ES4.

Powdery mildew Response to fungicide in farmer's crops (Albany) – 83AL80, 83AL83.

Powdery mildew Screening fungicides – 83PE53.

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