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Grains and field crops


Species selection and establishment methods Extensive overgrazing and burning of the dominant winter rainfall Goldfields pastoral zones have left large areas degraded with a poor annual vegetation cover of nearly no grazing value. Thus, more grazing pressure is exerted on shrubs and small trees accelerating the desertification process. Shrubs and trees are the main stabilising agent left in a rangeland plant community when alI annuals have been grazed out. In order to upgrade or regenerate some of these areas, conventional methods of grazing prohibition or deferred grazing can be used but often, improvement obtained are slow. It is hypothesized that more active mean of rangeland regeneration combining the utilisation of appropriate annual legumes (nitrogen fixing plants) with sound establishment methods (micro water catchment techniques) and phosphate fertiIiser may greatly accelerate the recovery phase. Medicago species tested at Kalgoorlie and Carnarvon (1983). Experimental results from Kalgoorlie (83KG13), (83CA8) - annual medics for WA rangelands - sorted on descending order of POD Production (PODmgPROD). Programme for 1984. The extreme spread of our experimental sites (Kalgoorlie and Carnarvon) may be a limitant factor to our 1984 activities.

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