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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases, Grains and field crops


(I) General comments and highlights. (II) Scald: Fungicidal control. 82BA21, 82E18, 82MT19, 82WH23, 82WH23. (III) Scald: Opportunity trial on fungicidal control. 82AL85, 82BA22, 82MT20. (IV) Scald: Epidemic in segregating populations. (V) Scald: Host reaction in hill plots and single plants. 82MT21, 82BA23, (VI) Scald: Seeding rate in evaluating cultivars for resistance. 82MT22, (VII) Net-type net blotch: Screening fungicides. 82BA25, 82KA25. (VIII) Net-type net blotch: Reactions in single plants and hill plots. 82A3, 82BA26. (IX) Spot-type net blotch: Screening fungicides. 82C16. (X) Spot-type net blotch: Potential yield losses. 82C14, 82C15. (XI) Effect of simulated stubble mulching on disease and yield. 82BA36, 82BA35, 82C32, 82MT43,82N27. (XII) Maximising barley yield: Fungicide x growth regulator x cultivar. 82E19,. (XIII) Maximising barley yield: Fungicide x cultivar x nitrogen. (XIV) Variation in pathogenicity of scald, net blotch and powdery mildew. (XV) Unidentified leaf spot on forrest barley. (XVI) Opportunity trial on powdery mildew.

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