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Serradella species and strain evaluation trials. Aim: There are only two strains of serradella available commercially in Australia, Ornithopus compressus, Pitman and Uniserra. There have been approximately 400 strains of the different serradella species collected by Australian scientists and their European colleagues in the Mediterranean region. The aim of these experiments was to screen a selection from this collection in an attempt to broaden the genetic diversity of serradella available commercially. Serradella germination trial. Aim: To measure per cent germination in selected strains of serradella species, with ± pods. Trifolium brachycalycinum hardseed experiment.Results of 1981 sown experiment (1982 not yet completed). Aim: To measure the level of hardseededness in a range of T. brachycalycinum strains on alkaline mallee soil at Esperance, using strains of annual Medicago species and T. subterraneum for comparisons. Subterranean clover hardseed trial. Aim: To attempt to follow the fate of some strains of Trif olium subterraneum over a 3 year period when no further seed is produced after the first year.

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