Brian A. Stynes

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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases


81KA47, 81NA47, 81M047, 81KA48, 81NA45, 81M045, 81KA50, 81NA46, 81M046, To monitor the amount of toxin present in galls from the time of first head emergence until maturation of the ryegrass pastures. To relate the onset and development of toxicity to plant growth stages and climatic conditions in the different regions affected by annual ryegrass toxicity. To relate the level of toxicity to pasture density and to the number of galls present in the pasture. As part of the series of experiments done to monitor the amount of toxin present in pasture at a number of sites throughout the seasons, an opportunity was taken to follow the life cycle of Anguina agrostis in relation to plant growth. To study the emergence of larvae of Anguina agrostis from galls at three different regions in the State and evaluate any differences in the patterns of emergence in relation to any variations in plant growth and climate.

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Western Australia.


Agronomy and Crop Sciences | Fresh Water Studies | Soil Science