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Maintenance P and S for pastures in the low rainfall area. To determine the best rates of Gypsum and a Phosphate Fertiliser required to maintain optimum pasture growth on old land. Stocking rate and rate of super on Cyprus Barrel Medic Pasture 66M30. To determine if topdressing annual medic pasture on heavy wheatbelt land increases carrying capacity or animal production per head. Also to determine the relationship between super rate and animal production. Continuous Cropping with N.P.S. To determine the number of continuous cropping on different soil types using N.P. and S fertilisers. 69NO1 T. HENDERSON· QUELAGETTING 1970, ·1971 MEAN WHEAT YlELDS (Kg/Ha) 69NA1 B. EDWARDS KWEEDA 1969, 1971 MEAN WHEAT YIELDS (Kg/Ha) 69ME1 K. LEACH WESTONIA 1969. 1970 MEAN WHEAT YIELDS (Kg/Ha) 69TS1 J. LANE THREE SPRINGS Super rates for wheat. To determine the optimum super rate :for wheat. (Specifically for District Office demonstrations.) SUPER RATES FOR WHEAT MEAN 1971 YIELDS (Kg/Ha) Gypsum Rates on Rape To study the effect of gypsum on rape in the first crop on old land. GYPSUM RATES ON RAPE 1971 Mean Yields (Kg/Ha) Gypsum Rates on Rape 1971 Mean Yields (Kg/Ha) Rates of Phosphorus and Sulphur on Rape and Wheat 71Al6. To study the P and S responses on rape and wheat. 1971 Mean Rape and Wheat Yields.

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