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I. Barley disease survey and an unidentified disorder on forrest barley. II. Scald: crop loss assessment – 81BA20, 81A17, 81MT23, 81WH30, 81A17, 81BA20, 81MT23, 81WH30, III. Scald: epidemics in simulated populations segregating for scald resistance – 81BA22, 81MT25, 81BA22, 81MT25. IV. Scald: reactions in single plant and hill plots – 81MT24, 81MT21, 81BA21, V. Spot type net blotch: crop loss assessment – 81C17. VI. Net blotch: effect of grazing on infection levels – 81A20. VII. Powdery mildew: crop loss assessment – 81PE5. VIII. Value of whole plot scores in assessing leaf diseases. IX. Disease and yield in simulated double cropping of barley – Replications: Locations/sowing date - Chapman Research Station (81C35) - May 28, 1981 - Badgingarra Research Station (81BA46) - June 3, 1981 - Wongan Hills Research Station (81WH49) - May 28, 1981 - Avondale Research Station (81A42) - June 17, 1981 - Mt Barker Research Station (81MT43) - May 4, 1981 - Newdegate Research Station (81N24) - May 28, 1981 IX. Testing of stage 3 and stage 4 CVT barley cultivars and interstate entries to net blotch and scald during 1981/82 season – Avondale, Badgingarra and Mt Barker – 81BA23 and 81MT26, 81BA26 and 81A18.

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