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Grains and field crops


1) Variety Testing. 80ME28, 81ME29, 81ME28, 81ME33, 81ME34, 81LG30, 81TS25, 81M39, 81WH47, 81N032, 81M34.

2) Pasture Establishment. (1) Methods and times of sowing - 81M38, 80LG22. (2) Depth of undersowing - 81M41, 81LG31. (3) Herbicides on undersown clover - 81M031, 81TS26, 81ME32, 81M37.

3) Pasture Manipulation using Herbicides. 81M032, 81TS27, 81TS29, 81M36, 81ME31.

4) Medic Collections. Background. Medics introduced into Australia from a wide range of collection area were ·tested on three soil types near Merredin. The sites were: (1) Merredin Research Station - brown sandy loam. (2) East Merredin property of K. Cahill – brown clay loam. (3) Holleton (East Muntadgin) - property I. Quinn – deep yellow sand. The material was sub divided as follows: (1) Merredin Research Station (a) Libyan ·Collection - 81M42. (b) Iraqi Collection - 81M51. (c) Wheatbelt Collection from University of W.A. Collection and material from the South Australian Department of Agriculture Collection - 81M49.

(2) East Merredin (a) Libyan Collection - 81 ME40.

(3) Holleton (a) Libyan collection – 81ME39. (b) Iraqi collection – 81ME44. (c) Wheatbelt collection – 81ME38.

RESULTS: Seed yield and hardseed results are not available at the time of· report preparation. Libyan medic results will be included in the large Libyan collection results and are available from computer records held at.South Perth.

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