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During 1970 interest in the small ungrazed Legume Species Trials was reduced to ten trials located in the more troublesome areas. Five of the trials are on the sandy soils of the Midland Plain three trials are in Merredin-Southern·cross region, one is on deep sand at Tincurrin and the other is at Pindar. All thesites are sandy soils on which the sub clover strains appear to perform the best. The newer trials are investigating the value of sub clover cultivars such as Northam A,Mt Helena A, Shenton Park A, and Daglish. These trials will be the subject of a special report which will be completed when the1970 seed yields have been compiled. At this stage it appears that in all the eastern trials Geraldton, Uniwager and Daglish sub clovers are valuable, with Mt Helena A and Shenton Park A cultivars putting in good performances at individual locations. Northam A sub clover and Uniserra serradella have not been outstanding in their performances in these trials. 66LG11, 68MO23, 69MO17, 69LG24, 70ME2.

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