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Medic inoculation experiments – 81ME6, 81GE5. Inoculation trials were conducted at Holleton (81ME6) and Canna (81GE5).The major objectives were: 1. To test the field effectiveness of new strains of Rhizobium meliloti and to compare them with standard strains. 2. To initiate trials aimed at examining the performance of R. meliloti as long term colonisers of mildly acid soils. These trials are the first in a programme aimed at looking at the feasibility of developing acid tolerant strains for large areas of acid soil which are not suitable for growing subterranean clover. The 1981 trials will provide a basis for comparison with newer strains isolated from well nodulated medics found on acid soils. The major field index of 'acid tolerance' will be second year nodulation. The host medics used were:- Medicago truncatula cv. Cyprus, Medicago littoralis cv. Harbinger, Medicago polymorpha cv. Serena, Medicago tornata cv. Swani, Medicago tornata cv. Tornafield (Canna only).

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