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I Sources of PhosphorusTrials - 1981 results. Pasture Trials. 76MT10 - New land pasture at Mt Barker - gravel. 77MT1 - New land pasture at Mt Barker - gravel Methods and particle size effects. 76BU1 - New land pasture at Yallingup - sand over gravel. Cropped to oats 1981. Cropping Trials. 76WH10 - Young land at Wongan Hills - ley year: W.L.S. 76WH9 - New land at Wongan Hills - W.L.S. 76N4 - New land at Newdegate - shallow gravel. 76LG6 - Young land at Newdegate - sandy gravel. 80BA6 - Young land at Badgingarra - pale, deep sand. Trials not assessed in 1981 - 77MT2, 76WH14, 77WH2 . Trials terminated in 1981 77MO16, 75NO7B. II Miscellaneous Trials. This section includes continuing maintenance P and S trials as well as the results from some N x P and mineral fertiliser trials. Detailed sampling for nitrogen relations was carried out on the continuous cropping/tillage methods trials at Wongan Hills and Avondale. Long term trials. 66M30 Super x stocking rate at Merredin. 65A1, 65C5 and 69WH15 Maintenance P x S trials. 75LG26 Continuous cropping with super on heavy land - Lake Grace. Residual Super Trial - Merredin heavy land. 1981 trials. 81NO44 - Testing mineral fertilizer mixes. 81LG4 - N x P on wheat Buniche. 81LG5 - N x P on wheat Pingaring. Tillage methods - nitrogen relationships. 77WH17 - Continuous cropping Wongan Hills. 77A16 - Continuous cropping Avondale.

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