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Clover Cultivar Trials - 78 MN5 - Manjimup Research Station. 78BU15 - N. McDonald, Jindong. 78BR16 - K. Stacey, Darradup. 78DE1 - S. Ravenhill, Tingledale. 79MA12 - H.H. Jackson, Pemberton. 80AL63, 78BU15, 78BR16, 78DE1, 78MN5, 79BY6, 79ES35, 79ES36, 79MA13, 79MT48, 79W5, 80AL59, 80B4, 80B5, 80BR18, 80BU7, 80BR18, 80BU7, 80ES64, 80HA3, 80HA4 Alternatives to cv Woogenellup. Progress report January, 1981, D.A. Nicholas. Of five trials continued from 1979 only two gave worthwhile results in 1980. Management of the other three sites (two at Esperance, one at Wokalup) gave some problems. At Palgarup (79MA13) and Mt. Barker (79MT48) regeneration of the crossbreds was as good or better than that of Woogenellup. For early growth Trikkala better than Woogenellup with some crossbreds (DA 20.19.2.l and GD 17.1) equalling Woogenellup. For spring growth on 79MA13, DMN18 was both showy and very productive. On 79MT48 GD56.10 and GD5616 were good. Some clover scorch present on both sites in 1980 and affected Woogenellup, Dinninup and Larisa (ratings 7.5, 5.0, 4.0 respectively). Crossbreds were not affected. For 1980 four sites were established - Mayanup, Vasse, Narrikup and Dalyup. At each site 11 or 12 crossbreds plus Woogenellup, Dinninup, Esperance and Trikkala. Seed sample of Woogenellup contaminated and had to be resown. Growth of clover at all sites except dry Dalyup good. During the year the most consistently good clover was MND7.2.2 (c.f. E.C. Woolfe, N.S.W., 1979).

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