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Grains and field crops


Development of toxicity in the field. Experiment – 79KA13. Location – C. Butterworth, Katanning. The effect of herbicides and growth regulants on gall development. Experiment – 79KA14. Location - C. Butterworth, Katanning. Effect of burning on the production of galls. Experiment – 79KA9. Location - L. Blight, Gnowangerup; K. Butterworth, Katanning; C. Hanna, Katanning; J. Shepherdson, Gnowangerup. Table 1 Previous land use and characteristics of fires at four farms where fields were burnt in autumn to reduce the level of toxicity of ryegrass in the subsequent spring pasture. Table 2 The numbers and relative proportions of galls retained in the inflorescences of ryegrass and shed to the ground in fields at four farms immediately before the fields were burnt, and the effect of burning on the survival of nematodes and bacteria within the galls. Table 3 The effects of burning in Autumn on the amount of ryegrass seed and on the numbers of galls produced in the subsequent Spring pasture in fields at four farms.

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