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Contiuing trials Stock rate and level of Superhosphate on cyprus medic pasture 66M30 Rates of phosphorus, sulphur and stocking trial - cropping phase 68BR7 Maintenance P x S trials 65N5, 69WH15, 65A1, 65c6 Residual Value of Phosphorus 78M08, 78C4, 78MA2, 75LG26, 78M38 NEW TRIALS Crops N x P Trials 79NA11, 79NA12, 79NA13 Times of P on Lupins 79M030 Lupin and Oat Mixtures 79BA31, 79MT30 Methods Application and Cultivation of P on Wheat 79M1, 79WH1 Methods and Times of P on Wheat Old Land 79N1 Rates of Super on Wheat 79LG Rates of Super on Lupins 79GE PASTURES Rates of P, K and S on Pasture - Dandaragan 79M012, 79M013, 79M015, 79M017 Rates of P, K and S on Pasture – Lancelin 79M011, 79M018 Rates of P on Pasture – Newdegate 79N5, 79N6 Rates of P x Species on Pasture 79N05, 79JE8

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