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Competition between wheat and annual ryegrass at six rates of seeding wheat, six ryegrass densities and five rates of nitrogen fertiliser (Wongan Hills Research Station) - 77WH6. Time of removal of annual ryegrass from a wheat crop (Wongan Hills Research Station)- 77WH7. Effect of different tillage systems on establishment and yield of wheat (Merredin Research Station) - 77M52. Rapeseed variety trial (Lancelin) - 77MO30. Shedding losses in rapeseed (Mount Barker Research Station) - 77MT25. Time of germination of ryegrass on wheat yield (Wongan Hills Research Station) - 77WH47. Sunflower agronomy trial (Bramley research Station) - 77B5. Other trials: 1. Co-operative trials with Dr. Roy and Mr. Barbetti at Green Range have been reported eslewhere. These trials were deliberately sited on rapeseed stubble to ensure severe blackleg. Results from these and other trial have allowed the release of 73 No. 9-2a (Wesreo) this year. 2. Precision Seeder trial. A sunflower trial was planted at Wongan Hills Research Station in mid August to test the new Nodet Gougis precision seeder. The seeder worked perfectly. The sunflowers grew much better than expected. Yields were not taken. A comprehensive time of planting x variety x seeding rate sunflower trial will be sown at Wongan in 1978. 3. Co-operative sunflower trials were carried out with Mr. G. Parlevliet. Resuits are available in a separate report.

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