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Grains and field crops


Trials in lupins this year concentrated on testing herbicide for post emergence use in lupins. Of the 20 herbicides tested 12 did not cause significant decreases in crop density and/or yield. However, weed control was often poor and the herbicide phytotoxicity tended to vary between sites. (Chapman, Badgingarra and Avondale). The Chapman and Avondale trials were not harvested because of drought. Trials in 1978 should determine if any of the herbicides tested can safely be recommended. Lupins - summary. Post emergence lupin herbicides (Badgingarra Research Station) - 77BA36. Post emergence herbicides for lupins (Chapman Research Station) - 77C18. Post emergence lupin herbicides (Avondale Research Station) - 77A35. Doublegee capeweed control in lupins (Chapman Research Station) - 77C19. Simazine phytotoxicity on lupins (Watheroo) - 77MO34. Simazine, diuron on lupins (Avondale Research Station) - 76A33. Legumes and oilseeds. Screening for post emergent herbicides for use in peas, lucerne, linseed and rape was carried out this season. Herbicides for seedling lucerne (Burekup) - 77HA7. Post emergent pea herbicides (Grass Valley) - 77NO39. Post emergent linseed herbicide (Avondale Research Station) - 77A37. Rape herbicide phytotoxicity (Avondale Research Station) - 77A40. Annual ryegrass control in established sub. clover (Mullalyup) - 77BY16. Annual ryegrass control in seedling sub. clover (Mullalyup) - 77BY15. The tolerance of second year vines to herbicides - Chiraz. Mechanical versus chemical weed control (Swan Research Station) - 77SR4. Glyphosate on couch in vines (Swan Research Station) - 77SR2. Dicamba on vines (Swan Research Station) - 77SR5. Vineyard sorrel control (Margaret River) - 77BU16. Vegetables - herbicides on potatoes, cabbages, artichokes, tomatoes, cucurbits and onions - summary. Metribuzin on potatoes (Manjimup Research Station) - 77MM2. Metribuzin on potatoes (Medina Research Station) - 77MD2. Lasso on cabbage (Medina Research Station) - 77MD7. Weed control in young artichokes (Wanneroo) - 77PE3. Weed control in tomatoes (Balcatta) - 77PE4.

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