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Take-all of cereals. Take-all surveys. Effect of nitrogen sources on take-all: 76LG25 Wheat, 77MT19 Wheat, 77JE31 Barley, 77MT17 Barley, 77LG20 Oats, 77JE5 Wheat, 77LG6 Wheat, 77E4 Wheat, 77ES6 Wheat, 77GE10 Wheat. Effect of rates of (NH4)2 SO4 and Na NO3 on take-all - 77E6 Wheat, 77ES Wheat. Effect of rates of (NH4)2 SO4 on take-all - 77LG7 Wheat, 77JE6 Wheat. Soil pH and take-all - 77LG25 Cleaning crops and take-all control - 76E6, 76N5, 76M47, 76A7, 76LG27. Spray-fallow and time of planting - 76GE35 9 76LG26, 76LG26, 76LG38. Effect of rates of sowing on take-all - 77JE7. Long term rotations and take-all - 77ES8, 73SG16. Continuous wheat and take-all - 74SG16 Effect of sowing systems on take-all - 76E33 Effect of grass control on take-all - 77JE3, 77JE4. Cereal seed dressing. Control of barley covered smut - 77A3. Control of bunt - 77M3. Control of Oat loose smut - 77A4. FAILED EXPERIMENTS 76WH11 - Cleaning crop and take=all = Treatments unsatisfactory. 76SG11 - Spray=fallow and take=all = Treatments unsatisfactory. 77GE11 - Depth of cultivation and take-all ~ Crossed plots. 77LG4 - Cereals following oats - Overgrown with weeds. 77LG5 - Cereals following grass = Overgrown with weeds.

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