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Seed yields of early maturing subterranean clovers. A brief description of weather conditions in 1977, site details and results of germination counts and growth ratings were included in the Summary Report for 1977. Drill-sown trials - Seed yields from the trials varied from good in the southern wheatbelt to very poor in the northern areas. Test samples were taken from trials 77GE32, 77GE40 and 77GE41 in the Pindar and Tardun districts, 77ME22 at Koorda and 77TS25 at Perenjori but the quantity of seed did not warrant yield assessment. Trial 77M022 at Gabalong was not sampled. Seed yields from the rest of the trials sown in 1977 are shown below - 77LG21, 77ME21, 77ME23, 77MO15, 77MO21, 77NA29, 77NO24. From these results, weather conditions in 1977 were apparently even less conducive to seed production by Northam than by most other strains. The low yields on 77ME23 (South Yilgarn), 77NA29 (Hyden) and 77LG21 (Lake King) were particularly disappointing. There was considerable variation between sites but on average the three new varieties were comparable, and better than Northam or Geraldton. Seed yields from trials sown in 1976 are probably more interesting because they indicate performance in the second year, and except for 76ME6, under heavy grazing. Small-plot trials - Lake King - 75LG21, 76LG23. Small-plot trials - Newdegate Research Station - 76n16, 76N17, 77N22, 77N24.

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