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Rye grass control: Time of spraying two chemicals. Location: Katanning property, Mr Schaffer. Time of Spraying Hoegrass - 77LG28. Location: Newdegate Research Station. Annual rye grass control. Time of Spraying Two Herbicides - 77Mo32. Location: T. Reynolds, North Miling. Rates and Time of Spraying Hoegrass - 77Na50. Location: J. Lynch, Hyden. Time of Spraying Two Herbicides - 77Es35. Location: R. Kirby, Salmon Gums. Efficiency of Ryegrass Herbicides - 77WZ1. Location: Newdegate Research Station. Aerial spraying trial - ryegrass control - 77No44. Location at property of M. Lourdes, Minivale. Aerial spraying ryegrass - 77Na60. Location: B. Ballard, Noman Lake. Ryegrass control systems - effect of sowing systems - 76WH102. Location: Wongan Hills Research Station. Effect of Sowing Systems - 76Av32. Location: Avondale Research Station. Sowing systems - 77Ka23. Location: R. Barrett, Broomehill, -77KA22. Location B. Ives, Kojonup. Barley tolerance to hoegrass - 77Na54. Location: K. Pardey, Cuballing. Wild oat control. Aerial Spraying 77NO33. Location: D. Eaton, Dowerin. Wild oat herbicides - 77Na5?. Location: N. King, Yealering; - 77ME32. Location: R. & W. Boyle, Kellerberrin; - 77MO31. Location: Mr R. Crombie, "Arrawarra", Watheroo. Wild oat herbicides - Post emergent - 77Ka24. Location: Mr Bell, Katanning.

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